Site News: 12 Feb 2017

Site News and Wedderburn Fly-in:

The new trip planner section of the website will be available in April. I am currently updating airfield info based on the various community websites out there that hold airfield info. And some clubs will have received a phone call. (Thanks for their participation helping us fill in the blanks).

I think the addition to add a few photos of the facilities and perhaps an overhead photo or map would be a useful addition to Airfield information.

It has been a steep learning curve as the new trip planer will use open layers instead of a google maps interface. If anyone has any feature requests just send us a suggestion through contact. It will follow similar design principle to previous trip planner, select an airfield start and end destination and draws a flightpath highlighting airfields near the path.

  • Ability to save a trip as open to public so other members can see the flightpath.
  • Export Waypoints to a GPX file for GPS navigation.
  • Photo gallery for airfields. (will tie in well with the events calendar).

Aeroclub is run as a non-profit website. We have introduced the ability to make a small donation. So if you appreciate the site, what it does for the aviation community. You can donate and it will go a long way towards providing further functionality and pays for hosting fees.

Happy Flying!

Upcoming Aviation Events:

map showing events around australia
Date Location Event Name (Showing 1-10 of 68 Results)
Feb 25 Wynyard, YWYY CircumÔÇÉTasmania Challenge (Enroll By 24 December)
Feb 26 Deniliquin, YDLQ Deni Aero Club Breakfast Fly In
Mar 3-5 Avalon, YMAV Avalon Airshow 2017
Mar 5 Deniliquin, YDLQ Deni Aero Club Breakfast Fly In
Mar 5 Wagga Wagga, YSWG Wagga City Aero Club Monthly Bbq Lunch
Mar 7-10 East Sale, YMES Air Force Flight Camp For Girls
Mar 11 Bathurst, YBTH Women Of Aviation 2017 - Bathurst Women With Wings
Mar 12 Clifton, YCFN Annual Clifton Fly In
Mar 12 Clifton, YCFN Women In Aviation Flights
Mar 12 Deniliquin, YDLQ Deni Aero Club Breakfast Fly In
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People Going To Events:

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